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Back CameraBetween the Ridges is a shared mutual learning community, in that place between communities, where we can truly listen to one another, face the reality of our shared history and seek a new vision of reconciliation.

Between the Ridges shares worship and ministry among a diversity of faith communities, supports and collaborates with mission partners serving the community, provides joint theological education and leadership development, helps coordinate service/learning groups who come to the area, and advocates for systemic change within the larger church and society.

In December of 2016 at a Special Service of Leave Taking and Celebration St Michael’s Episcopal Church transitioned to a Specialized Mission of the Diocese of Spokane and became a program of Between the Ridges.  A Between the Ridges Board of members of Episcopal Congregations throughout the region with appointees by the Bishop of the Diocese of Spokane was commissioned.  This Board has shepherded the transition of St Michael’s which hosts many ministries at its location, and is also becoming a hub of regional ministry in partnership with fellow congregations.

Stay tuned as we explore ministry opportunities throughout our region, listen well and learn from the landscape itself and discern where the Spirit is leading us next!

See a list of Between the Ridges Board Members

Learn more about the Land Between the Ridges

Click here for the PowerPoint from our Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery Workshop and dates for upcoming Workshops.



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2 Responses

  1. After years of meetings and wonderful conversations, this is a cool beginning!

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